sunnuntai 25. lokakuuta 2020

Lexicon PCM80 AD-converter

 Finally I have found a replacement chip for CS5389 AD-converter in my PCM80 reverb. Lexicon worked from digital-input but analog inputs were silent. I once ordered CS5389-chip with eBay from China but that never arrived to Finland. Now I tried creative_dynamo from eBay and this was a success. I ordered direct replacement chip CS5390 from creative_dynamo UK. After I had checked the voltages and replaced the old 89-chip with 90 one everything worked as supposed. 

Now my PCM80 is back in business. Thanks creative_dynamo!

torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2020

AS3046 DIP

Alfa's AS3046 DIP format chip is a direct replacement of old LM3046/CA3046 chip. Vbe is matched to +-1mV (LM3046 only to +-5mV). Another Moog Prodigy-clone is alive and with AS3046s the VCOs track  at least 8-octaves (as much as I can get from Arturia MicroFreaks CV-out).

AS3046's are here right the 14-pin DIPs.

This is the first version of my clone with old-style switches.

sunnuntai 21. kesäkuuta 2020

Joystick MIDI-controller

Today you can buy cheap Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller copy from Velleman for just 15€. With two analog joysticks, Arduino with code, two resistors, wire, connectors and a Hofnar cigarette box you can build a simple MIDI-controller to control four parameters with two hands (MIDI CC).

tiistai 26. toukokuuta 2020

From UPIC to IanniX

You can find here a free PDF-download of a book of UPIC and Iannis Xenakis. UPIC was a computer/software system that enabled sounds to be generated from graphic structures. First working version of UPIC was created in 1977. Today there is an open source software IanniX that is based on Iannis Xenakis works.

Controlling audio from IanniX on Vimeo.

Arturia MicroFreak

Bought this little synth because it has a capacitive keyboard with CV, gate and pressure outputs. I consider it also cheap. It's actually very nice synth with 4-voice paraphonics, Mutable synthesis, modulation matrix, arpeggiator and sequencer. Here it's speaking with Speech-synthesis.

maanantai 30. maaliskuuta 2020