perjantai 31. heinäkuuta 2015

Moog Prodigy Clone progress

Finally got all the switches for Prodigy. My version of Prodigy has similar switches as MG/Opus/Rogue Moogs. PCB-layouts has been corrected for these switches. I must still source some Alpha 24mm potis for VCF Resonance (50k reverse log), LFO-rate (3M reverse log) and Glide (1M log). VCA and VCF-envelope uses also 1M log potis. All the other potentiometers are Bourns Slimline models. The Volume-pot (5k log) is made from 50k lin potentiometer with some tapering resistor (also a small change to an other fixed resistor value).

sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

Quad VCA and CV-meter PCB's

I received these from iTead and they look perfect. CV-meter is stuffed with components and it works. Quad VCA channel-1 is stuffed and it also works as supposed. I have found only one minor error. The layout of the mini-jacks must be rotated 90° ccw. Now they don't fit if you do not make little surgely operation. Next I must plan the panels. I probably order them from Front Panel Express (