perjantai 23. syyskuuta 2016

Prodigy Eurorack Modifications

Here are more detailed instructions on how the modifications are implemented. OSC IN and VCF IN are alredy in the original PCB so they need no instructions.

OFF-position is the original connection. ON-position connects +12V thru R188 to R131/Q39 and opens the 3080 VCA.
When using the KYBD IN V/Oct input you must connect the JUMPER CABLE (see also earlier building instructions in my Blog) so that the KYBD IN is tracked all the time. Leave out the R82 resistor and C23 capacitor. RKYBD replaces the external resistor network.
GATE IN goes direct to R153 resistor. If you are using the original keyboard then GATE OUT must be connected to GATE IN.

Contour Sync OFF-position is the original connection where +12V is connected to Pitch Wheel resistor R180. ON-position replaces this +12V with filter envelope output. When Contour Sync is ON the Pitch Wheel acts like an attenuator where you can choose how much the filter envelope changes OSC2 pitch. When OSC2 to OSC2 Sync switch is ON and this Contour Sync switch is ON then you can change the Sync-sound with filter envelope and Pitch Wheel.
R41 and R48 are both 10k for symmetrical Square. R41 goes direct to +12V and external PWM-input for OSC1 goes between these two resistors.

OSC2 is identical to OSC1 but there is also the R184 potentiometer which adjusts manually the OSC2 pulsewidth.

lauantai 17. syyskuuta 2016

RIP Don Buchla

Synth pioneer Don Buchla has died at the age of 79. Good news is that his heritage is living strong. Composer Suzanne Ciani played with Buchla instruments in 70's and became a good friend with Buchla. Here this heritage is transferred to younger generation when Ciani plays with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith in their Sunergy project.

Synamiitti 2016 in Turku

I was showing my DIY Moog Prodigy-clone at this years Synamiitti in Turku. Small place but full of synth-stuff. It is always nice to talk with other synth-builders and people that are interested about synths.

The modular corner.

DIY four voice Roland Jupiter.

My Eurorack Prodigy and it's big brother MiniMoog.

Nice DIY MOTM-size modular.