sunnuntai 22. marraskuuta 2015

Modulation in Tivoli

Utrechts Le Guess Who/Modulation gig was nice. The TivoliVredenburg house where this was happening is huge. It has five concert halls Grote Zaal (1717 seats), Ronda (2000), Hertz (543), Pandora (650) and Cloud Nine (400). The maximum capacity of this 45m high building is 7500 visitors!

Allert Aalders was the host of this Modulation concert in Cloud 9 The Pit that is a smaller venue inside this amazing house. Allert owns the Sonar Traffic studio together with Ben Spaander and organises electronic concerts in Kytopia also in Utrecht.

In Tivoli/Modulation evening on friday 20. November (this was a three day happening) there were shows by me as Sigma, Michel Banabila & Radboud Mens and Law-Rah Collective. Nice evening with three complementary performances.

TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht Netherlands
Table full of electronic instruments!
My EMB-synth and small Eurorack case. On top in cardboard box is my MOTM-120 sub-octave multiplexer
Allert Aalders with Sonar Traffic shirt and Banabila & Mens
Radboud Mens
Law-Rah Collective

tiistai 17. marraskuuta 2015


Great source of interviews in this web music magazine ( You can also download a free book ( of interviews of amazing musicians. Here is an interview of Robert Rich (

Heart of a Dog

Here Laurie Anderson talks about her's latest film "Heart of a Dog".

16bit Pseudo Random Generator

My Pseudo Random Generator project has been on background now almost a year (see my blog from 1. and 24. January 2015). TTL-implementation of this circuit is complex. The 24bit version would need separate PCB-boards and a lot of TTL-circuits. So I decided to build a 16bit version and design a dedicated 4-layer PCB-board for it. This way I can fit the core-circuit (shift-register with startup-logic, LED mux & drivers, binary switches, feedback generator and sync-generator) to one PCB-board. When I get this working I can add more functions as the different weighted binary outputs. This circuit can count maximum only to 2^16-1 = 65535 but I think for music purposes it is anyway more interesting to explore these shorter pseudo random sequences.

This circuit would be an ideal PIC micro controller project. With PIC technique the 24bit version would be no problem to implement. The TTL core-circuit needs 28 TTL-chips and takes about 1A power from 5V supply! I think the PIC-version would need only a few chips and some 50-100mA power. At some point I am going to learn to program micro controllers and then I can come back to this project with much powerful technique.

maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2015

Le Quess Who

My next gig as Sigma is in Le Quess Who festival ( in Utrecht (20.11.2015). I am preparing some new stuff to perform there with my Electronic Music Box synthesizer and EWI.

sunnuntai 8. marraskuuta 2015

B-Wave festival and Robert Rich

This week I am going to enjoy B-Wave festival in Belgium. On main stage there is Robert Rich giving a one-time unique concert on European soil. Also on main stage are Radio Massacre International, Space Megalithe and The Tower Tree.