maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2016

Modulation in Kytopia 24.1.

Nice evening in Kytopia last sunday. I started the evening with my Ambient-set. Kubus von Kubus followed with raw analogue beats from his eurorack modular. Last but not least performed The Heisenberg Compensators duo with guitar synthesiser (Casio PG-380) and analog synths. Interesting mix of ambient/krautrock elements. What an great concept this Modulation-evening is! Thanks for Allert Aalders and all the others that made this possible. We also checked the amazing Sonar Traffic studio with all the synthesisers that you can imagine (here are some pictures from the studio not from all the synthesisers in studio).

Roland System 700

Wall of synthezisers

Elka Synthex

Roland 100

Another wall of synths

Evenings table of instruments

Casio guitar synth

Kubus von Kubus
Me and TTSH ARP2600

The Heisenberg Compensators

torstai 21. tammikuuta 2016

Yamaha CS-80 calibration

Here is an interesting blog of calibrating an old synthesizer. It's not allways a direct path, instead it usually takes many twists to accomplish. Michael Fuchs decided to calibrate his CS-80 synth and it took him almost 4 weeks to accomplish this. He documented the whole process in this blog ( If you are interested in repairing/calibrating old synths I recommend you to read this 12-part document. It's an interesting and educational story!