sunnuntai 26. maaliskuuta 2017

Sigma and Lovi-club instruments

We are preparing 50min of new music to our gig in Lovi Ambient-club (Kansallisteatterin Lavaklubi) 29.3. 19:00. Here are some pictures of our setup. Hopefully we can fit all this stuff to Lavaklubi's stage with Esa Kotilainen and Unfound.

Tower of synths! Korg MS10, SEKU and TTSH ARP2600.

Roland SH101, Eurorack Moog Prodigy and Nord MicroModular.

Another SH101 and Crumar Performer.

sunnuntai 5. maaliskuuta 2017

Sigma Live in Lovi Ambientklub

Sigma will play in next Lovi-klub in Helsinki Lavaklubi 29.3. with Unfound and Esa Kotilainen. Here is the link to Facebook event
We are going to play for about 50min floating soundscape with mostly analogue synths.

EWI and Mutable Yarns

I wanted to put my Moog Prodigy clone to one portable case where is everything necessary to produce sound with my EWI-controller. So I ordered from Thomann a custom case with their 3D configurator application It holds one 6U-frame from Clicks & Clocks.
I ordered Mutables Yarns MIDI2CV module so that I can have that also in this portable case. Until this I have used my trusted Kenton Pro Solo MIDI2CV-box for this application.

Yarns have one assignable CV-out from where I can control Prodigys filter with how hard I blow from EWI. Yarns can convert this MIDI-controller information to voltage between 0-5V. That's not enough for Prodigy where I need double of that. So I built a CV Processor module where you can offset the CV and/or amplify it with maximum gain of 2.