perjantai 7. elokuuta 2015

Dutch Electronic Music Pioneers

I have been reading Kees Tazelaars book "On The Threshold of Beauty". It is interesting to find out how rich and deep is the history of Dutch electronic music scene. We all know Philips as a technology company but Philips was also of great significance for the development of Dutch electronic music. I like to picturize things so I draw this mind map of the most important composers and studios of this era. If there is only one name that should be mentioned then that would be Dick Raaijmakers. Besides that he composed electronic music he was also a producer and studio-manager. Starting from Philips Research Laboratories he has been involved some way with all these other composers and studios in this map. I think he was also one of the first electronic music popularisers with his alter ego Kid Baltan and the popular electronic music series. Stanley Kubrick contacted him in 1965 and asked if he would be interested to compose music for 2001: A Space Odyssey film. But the composer declined from this offer ! It is interesting that there is no Dutch version of Kraftwerk or Stockhausen even I am sure that both Kraftwerk and Stockhausen checked carefully what these Dutch composers were doing.

My favorite of all these composers is Jan Boerman. He was many years ahead of his time with sound-bank creation/circulation and timbre-composition techniques.