perjantai 13. helmikuuta 2015

Moog Prodigy Clone

I started a new Prodigy-project where I try to make a Moog Prodigy clone. This started when I noticed that my Sprint Layout PCB program has a scanned-copy function where you can load an existing PCB-layout picture and use this bitmap as an original to trace the layout. This is a good project to test this functionality of Sprint Layout. Moog Prodigy is also a good candidate for cloning because it is a simple design and has no extremely hard-to-find components. It has also a great sound !! Below is a picture where the grey part is the bitmap and green is the new traces I have drawn. This takes some time because it is a one big PCB. After this I must also cross check the traces to schematics and make the final BOM.

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