sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2015

Qubit Nebulae Firmware update

I decided to update my Qubit Nebulaes firmware to version 1.1. Nebulae is an audio file player/granular oscillator in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. It uses sound files as the source material for creating loops, melodies, granular clouds, drones, pads and otherworldy textures. Nebulae is constructed using Arduino Unos ATMega328 processor and Raspberry Pi. Raspberry runs either Csound or Pure Data code (in the back picture ATMega328 is in left and RaspPi on the right). I suppose the construction is quite similar as in this interesting CSound Journal article ( In this article they build an FM oscillator in the Eurorack format using Csound, RaspPi and Arduino Uno. Arduino handles the interface (potentiometers, buttons) and converts this information to MIDI (CV to MIDI). This MIDI information is sent to RaspPi where the CSound code is executed. RaspPi converts this information to analog audio.

Qubit has made an excellent video how you can DIY update the firmware to version 1.1.

For this you need Arduino Uno and SD-card reader/writer. Update was easy to do with this instruction video. I am planning to create analog sounds and transfer these to Nebulae for further processing.

Nebulae front

Nebulae back

Arduino UNO

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