perjantai 3. huhtikuuta 2015

Greener Grass (Sigma Archives)

Greener Grass composition can be found in "Sleep of the Shadow" Sigma-CD ( In this video the music is on background because it is an interview document.

Greener Grass ( is an art and documentary project by artist Mari Keski-Korsu. Greener Grass discusses Finnish immigration history in United States and how this history could reflect on today’s challenges of immigration. Mari traveled by a freighter from Liverpool (UK) to Chester (PA, US) following the Finnish immigration routes of the past. In US, she interviewed people with Finnish descent about their family history, immigration background’s affect on their own identity and what they think about the contemporary immigration. The end result of the project is a video installation in Helsinki Taidehalli from 19.3.-17.4.2011. Sigma composed about 20min soundscape for video.

Greener Grass from mkk on Vimeo.

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