keskiviikko 6. toukokuuta 2015

MOOG Prodigy-clone PCB-trace

I have traced the original MOOG Prodigy PCB with Sprint Layout (see BLOG archive 13th of february). Sprint Layout can handle max 500mm wide PCBs. This was not enough for Prodigy PCB so I decided to split the PCB to two separate boards. These boards are connected with multi pin connectors. The bigger PCB-1 board is now fully traced and cross-checked against the schematics. PCB-1 holds all the main functionalities of Prodigy. PCB-2 contains only VCA and Filter envelopes on it. This is a two-layer board with original jumpers on the top-layer (blue color on the picture).

Next I must trace and cross-check the smaller PCB-2. I can also start to source the potentiometers and switches that must fit on this design.

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