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Charles Cohen Interview 19 July 2015

Here is a great fresh interview of Charles Cohen. He speaks about improvisation and listening. Interestingly he refers Duke Ellington how music can be universally accepted:

1. The audience has to have some sense of what is happening physically --> that's why most laptop performances are visually boring
2. Music must be sensual --> love of pure sound
3. The audience has to have some sense that there is a risk in the music --> energy
4. The musicians have to believe what they are doing

Also Pauline Oliveros is referred for deep listening. It's what you are doing with your ears, not what you are doing with your hands.

Cecil Taylor has had a big influence on Charles music. Taylor has said "this music is truth and truth is healing". The process of you expressing yourself is very healing.

I agree with all these points. Please check this video. I hope the extended version of this video appear's very soon.

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