perjantai 4. joulukuuta 2015

Roland SH-101 and Tubbutec

I ordered from Tubbutec ( new brains for my Roland SH-101. The mod is called SH-1oh1 and it replaces the old 80C49 CPU with new one. This adds MIDI and other new features to SH-101. The features I especially like are:

- additional filter LFO and ADSR
- sequencer remembers 32 sequences with 120 steps each
- programmable clock dividers for arpeggiator, sequencer and random LFO

I must next order from Stereoping ( a nice DIY MIDI-controller for SH-1oh1 modified SH-101. I also ordered a new power-switch and resonance slider-pot from Syntaur ( I replace all the old trimmers to make the adjustment procedures easier (critical trimmers are now multi turn types).

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