torstai 1. joulukuuta 2016

Moog Prodigy PCB version 5.8

This should be the final version of my Moog Prodigy Eurorack clone. Here is what I have done:

- some corrections and enhancements to the PCB
- fastening holes to allow some other frame format than Eurorack
- all the pots (Alpha 9mm PC mount right-angle) and switches (standard PC mount toggle) are now more common format that are easy to source
- new modifications
--> MW MOD SHAPE where LFO is replaced with modulation wheel adjusted CV. So it is possible to sweep the pitch or filter cutoff with modulation wheel. This works also in my previous version and the original Prodigy when you set the MOD SHAPE switch to center position.
--> OSC MOD PW1 where LFO modulates OSC1 pulse width (modulation wheel controls the amount of modulation)
--> External Audio input with level control

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