keskiviikko 14. lokakuuta 2015

Korg SQ-1

Tip of the week! Korg SQ-1 can be used to convert analog CV-clock to MIDI-clock. It's much cheaper than the boxes that are dedicated to this job and you get also a handy small step-sequencer!

SQ-1 can do this conversion as a clock master or slave. If you want only to do the analog/MIDI clock conversion then you must inactivate all the gate's (gate on/off) and steps (active step). Otherwise SQ-1 will send both the step information (note value and gate) and MIDI-clock. This has allowed me to use an LFO as a master clock and to sync all the other devices (analog and MIDI) to this one clock. With SQ-1 there comes a jack-to-MIDI-cable adapter.

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