torstai 1. lokakuuta 2015

Pictures from my NoodleBar gig in Rotterdam/Worm

We had a nice evening in Worm/WunderBar with NoodleBar. There was first a hack-a-stylophone workshop led by sound artist Tasos Stamou from Greece and after that the concert in WunderBar.
LAB (Martijn) started with his big modular setup that created huge modular-soundscape which surrounded us all. Very nice indeed! Then performed our Italian modularist Alberto Novell with his eurorack modules. Nice simple and structured performance. I liked very much the contrast between non synced at tightly synced drum parts. Very organic sound! After this performed our workshop leader Tasos Stamou with his interesting mixed electronic and acoustic setup. Demanding but very interesting music with not so usual instruments. The last performer was me as 1/2 Sigma. This concert was recorded so maybe we can listen it someday from web.
In the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam.

We had a nice and not so expensive Hotel room from Bazar only 200m from WunderBar. Breakfast was included and it was very good.
My Eurorack modular and EMB. The cardbox contains my Modcan frequency shifter!

LAB's modular wall!
Martijn (right) and me.
Alberto Novell with his Eurorack modules.
Tasos with his mixed instruments. Notice the lamp on the table!
Host of the evening Mr. NoodleBar!

Rouding in Rotterdam Railway Station.

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