lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2016

Moog Prodigy BOM

Here is an Excel-list for the Mouser-parts needed to build my Eurorack Moog Prodigy
Missing from this list are the 24mm potentiometers and the DP3T/DPDT switches.  Also Mouser can not source the CA3046/LM3046 and CA3080 chips. You can try BanzaiMusic for these.
Here is a picture of the 24mm 1M-log Alpha-pot I used for R155,R158,R166 and R169. Shaft length is 15mm and the diameter is 6.3mm. The other potis are similar size and look but from CTS (R83/3M-log, R106/3M-log and R136/50k REV-LOG). I sourced these potentiometers and switches from Uraltone and BanzaiMusic

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