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Prodigy PCB 4.4E building details

Other end of resistors R59 and R41 must be connected directly to +12V.
C8 must be a high quality polystyrene or polyester film type.
C14 must be as the C8.
Here is one jumper that is needed.
Jumpers J1 and J2 are also installed. Here you can also see the optional headers at pin 5 of U2B and across R17. These headers make the temperature alignment procedure easier.
Here you can also see two jumpers and the ferrite cable cores in power-input.
Boards 1 and 2 are connected with direct cables. Note that these are not tight so that the alignment to front panel is easier.
TRIG IN must be connected to +12V so that KYBD IN 1V/Oct input is tracked all the time. C23 and R82 can be left out. They create a small CV-glide to KYBD IN. KYBD SCALE trimmer is installed but not used. I keeped the Keyboard current-source electronics (R92,R93,R91,R94,C22,RKYBD) here but it can be leaved out. The other half of U11 must then be bypassed correctly.
Here you can see the alignment headers for OSC2 temp adjustment.
RKYBD can be 200R resistor. This replaces the keyboard resistor divider.
Here is the input connector for 20k resistor and the output of U13A to make the VCA adjustment easier.
The TE Headers are soldered to the bottom side (Wheels and PWM-inputs).
I used only the potentiometers from Doepfers Wheels module.

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